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The Kemsing Singers was founded in 1964 and based in the village of Kemsing.  It draws its membership from the broader Sevenoaks district.  We are members of the Sevenoaks Community Arts & Theatre CIC (SCAT) and supporters of the STAG Theatre.  The choir's Christmas concert in the STAG on 21st December 1983 was the first concert in the newly opened STAG by any local society. The choir subsequently performed in the STAG at Christmas almost every year until 2004.

The choir gives at least four main concerts each year in the Kemsing and Sevenoaks area under its musical director, Sara Kemsley with pianist Peter Young.  The choir's large repertoire includes the major choral classics, but rather than rely on extended choral works, each concert includes shorter items. Many of these are on the lighter side of classical music or are contemporary arrangements of songs and carols with opera and musicals also represented.  Singers and audiences alike enjoy the variety.

Rehearsals take place each Monday (September to May) in St Edith Hall, Kemsing.  Annual subscriptions for Singers are £85.  The Musical Director carries out a friendly audition after about four weeks to establish voice and facility with written music.

    Do you enjoy singing but not sure how good you are?

 We are a very friendly choir of about 50 singers, men and women.  Some of the singers have been in the choir for a long time and really know their way around the music.  Others have joined us more recently.  Some read music well, some hardly at all.  Some sang a lot in their youth but family and work commitments mean they are rusty but want to start up again.  Whatever your circumstances, we believe that we can help you into high quality singing.

Contact us to come along to rehearsals to try it out.  We meet on Mondays from 7.30 until 9.30 in the small hall in St Edith's Hall, Kemsing.  After about a month, I will hear you sing a bit in private to discuss your voice and only then will you be asked to part with any money if you want to join!  Alternatively, give me a call to discuss the suitability of the choir for you, before you try.


Sara Kemsley  Musical Director

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